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Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto CD 
vivo2008034CD EAN 5904259358811

YOSHIDA TATSUYA  (drums,vocal) , SATO KENJI (bass,vocal), KAWABATA MAKOTO (guitar). Recorded live at EARTHDOM (Tokyo 23rd October 2007), HELLUVA LOUNGE (Kobe 5th October 2007). For fans of Acid Mothers Temple, Ruins, Musica Transonic, Buckethead and Primus!

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  This three way collaboration is a real manic attack on the sensors, yet it also has great moments of alien beauty too. The album mixers deranged guitar runs, seemingly impossible and space funked bass patterns, complex and battering percussion, and the odd shot of demented vocal attacks too.

The 11 tracks with-in bring together one part Acid Mothers Temple with Kawabata Makoto on guitar and the duo of Sekkutsu Jean which consists of Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,PainKiller,ect) handling drums/vocals and  Kenji Sato on bass and vocals. And I guess the best way to try and describe it is a collision between funk rock, avant rock, jazz and rock elements but all forced at you in a manic and deranged manner. But there are also moments of great atmosphere and strange beauty appearing here and there through out the album too; take the emotional bass runs meets spacey guitar uttering with strange nonsense operatic alien vocal  batter of track six Vokkoshmmra.

All parties concerned play with great passion, flare and musically precision with Kawabata's guitar work been fiery yet focused, Yoshida drumming been manic & complex, but for me the star of the show is Kenji Sato who performs mind bending feats with his bass going from; derange and virtuoso, to harmonic and atmospheric, to funky and brain bending.A great on the edge of your seat ride through out with these three showing playfulness, sonic overload & atmosphere. Really Breathtaking and invigorating stuff.
Roger Barry / www.musiquemachine.com/

Looks to be another one of the many side-projects of Acid Mothers Temple's head honcho, guitarist Kawabata Makoto. Other players on this import CD are Sato Kenji-bass & vocals and Yoshida Tatsuya-drums & vocals. Best described as noise-metal. Might be too noisy for some. Couple of these tracks I thought that had managed to stand out from the rest were the jamming "Werghsukaxgh", the sort of Gong-ish "Vokkoshemmra", the frantic "Aathychkiwzhi" and "Jombhssquiram". Might possibly appeal to open minded fans of Ruins, {obviously} Acid Mothers, Infectious Grooves, Buckethead and maybe even early Korn. Certainly an acquired taste. Beautifully done cover art. / Mike Reed