The Newness of the sounds

Orthlorng Musork is one of the hottest experimental electronic labels at the moment. They release records of such artists as Timeblind, Blectum From Blechdom, Gold Chains,
Sutekh, Eight Frozen Modules, Secret Mummy, AGF, Alejandra And Aeron, Akira
Rabelais, Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers. We are talking with Sue Constabile, a label

- What are your musical basis? Have you ever been into classical music, jazz, pop or rock?
- I grew up listening to pop music and my father’s Beatles records. I listen to all kinds of music now but went through some periods where I was heavily into dub/reggae, academic electonics, experimental vocalists and jazz.
- Have you ever played any kind of music?
- I played piano, violin and clarinet as a child and now I sing in a band with Gold Chains.
- When did you start to be interested in electronic and experimental music?
- In college I went to a lot of raves and got interested in electronic dance music.Then in San Francisco I met some intersting musicians making much stranger electronic music and it really fascinated and challenged me.
- What is fascinating for you in these styles?
- The newness of the sounds, composition and arrangement…and the overall creativity.
- Why did you decide to run a record label?
- We heard Timeblind and Blectum from Blechdom’s music and were blown away by it. Nobody was interested in releasing any of it so we decided we had to do it.
- You menage Orthlorng Musork with Kit Clayton. What are your roles in label?
- When we started we both shared all the work but for the past year or two I do almost everything. We always decide on what music we are releasing together, and often Kit does some mastering but then I handle all the production, promotion coordination, distribution, accounting, online store etc etc. It is far too much work for one person and it makes very little money.
- Is there any philosophy behind Orthlorng Musork?
- To release quality music that is different from almost everything else.
- What does the name of the label mean?
- It is a translation of “Earthling Music” into a made up language called “Ornglorsh”. There is a translator on our website in the extras section.
- What are criterions of selection of artists recording for Orthlorng Musork?
- There aren’t any formal criteria. We release things that we love.
- Which release is your favourite and why?
- The Blectum from Blechdom release is my favorite because it has so many great memories attached to it. It was the beginning of the label and people were so unreceptive to it when we sent it to the press and I just loved the music and Kristen and Bevin, the artists.
- What do your artists have in common?
- A passion for uncommon music.
- Why did Gold Chains release for Orthlorng Musork only a brilliant debut MLP, but their full length album for PIAS?
- Because he got offered a lot of money from PIAS and we couldn’t offer either the money or the network that PIAS could. It was a natural next step for him.
- AGF seems to be the most important artist from Ortlorng Musork at the moment after artistic success of her last album – “Westernization Completed”. How did you start to cooperate? What is so special in her music?
- We met her at SONAR in Barcelona one year, she knew Kit’s music and the three of us got along really well from the first time we met. She sent us demos of her first record, "Head Slash Bauch" and we loved it. I think she respected us and the label and wanted to work with someone who understood what she was doing. Her music is so unique and personal and she is very good at communicating emotion through sound.
- Orthlorng Musork is based in San Francisco. Does really exist a strong electronic/experimental scene there? What is your opinion about this one?
- It comes and goes. There is a strong community of artists and musicians of all kinds who are experimenting, not only in electronic music. A few years ago there was more of a focus on electronics than there is now, it seems to have shifted back to punk rock.
- Is financial motivation important for you in label activivty?
- We aim to make enough money to pay the artists and keep the labe going but never expected to make siginificant amounts of money.
- Did you have any problems with money during Orthlorng Musork`s activity?
- Not so much recently but in the beginning we did. The payment cycles are long from distributors so you need to have money to invest in new things before you get paid from previous ones. It isn’t that hard to figure out, you just need to be practical.
- Are you satisfied with distribution of Ortlorng Musork`s records?
- No. I spent a lot of time working on our distribution network but it still has a lot of holes. There is so much music that distributors are overwhelmed and uninterested. I don’t think they even have time to listen to music hardly. We have the online store though so anyone can find our releases if they want to. I’m sure you can find them all online for free as well if you are unwilling to pay.
- Do you have any advice for people who want to run independent labels?
- Yes, a lot. Too much to write here. Mainly you need to do it for the love of music, but you also must have a business sense.



+ Charles Atlas -Felt Cover / Static Caravan CD
+ Hati - Music for Metal Idiophones 2003 / Genius Loci CD
+ J`s Pool - The Wave Machine / Nature CD
+ Within Temptation - Mother Earth / CD
+ Yello - The Eye / Motor/Universal Polska CD
+ Raiders Of The Lost Arp - 4 / Nature CD
+ Operator - 01.1 / Benbecula CD
+ AntiPop vs. Matthew Shipp CD; AntiPop Consortium / Thirsty Ear CD
+ Kabuki - Signal To Noise / Combination Records CD
+ Russ Gabriel`s Audio Spectrum - The Other Side Project Volume One / Emoticon Recordings CD
+ Receiving Data... Ah, It`s Coming! / Sender CD
+ Blow Up - Exploding Plastic Pleasure / Electrovenus Records CD
+ Badawi - Clones & False Prophets / ROIR CD
+ Frog Pocket - Moon Mountains Of The Folds / Benbecula CD
+ Ole¶/Trzaska/Ole¶ - La Sketch Up / 1kg CD
+ Front Line Assembly - Tactical Neutral Implant, CD / Third Mind Records CD
+ Iron Curtain Revisited / Crippled Dick Hot Wax CD
+ Gustavo Lamas - Brotes / Onitor CD
+ Silvia - Silvia / Genetic Music CD
+ Politronics / Onitor CD
+ Peter Kowald/Tatsuya Nakatani - 13 Definitions of Truth / Quakebasket CD
+ Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza - Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza / Firma Fonograficzna Konador CD
+ Paul Kalkbrenner - Self / BPitch Control CD
+ Muslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel / VIVO CD
+ Andreas Heiszenberger - Solokarriere / Eventuell CD
+ Deadbeat Vs. Stephen Beaupre - It`s A Crackhaus Thing / Onitor CD
+ Jacek Kochan - Double Life O f A Chair / GOWI CD; Jacek Kochan - New Expensive Head / GOWI CD

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