LITTL SHYNING MAN - Hart of the Wud
GRANUFUNK - Granufunk
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Beatwave Japan

I don't know why I was excited as a little schoolboy when opening a package with these three releases, but looking at the cover art alone, I knew that there was a potential at least that I would fall in love with all of them. A week down the road, my prediction has now become been fulfilled. [As an interesting side note, all of these releases are also available as "download only" which seems to be Sonic360's motto from both Napster and iTunes.]Littl Shyning Man is a UK musicologist who goes by the name of Chris Haworth. His debut EP "Hart of the Wud" is an all too brief, half-an-hour journey into the heart of soft electronica. He seduced me right away with his use of instrumentation that is both lush and very much human. The grooves are smooth and the beats are constantly evolving in new directions. Don't get me wrong, though Chris uses a lot of production techniques that ensured this record would turn out polished, this is a journey into the less-is-more concept. Minimalism rules supreme. Focused samples are added only when absolutely needed. His guitar is sampled and retorted into unrecognizable shapes and forms. These are sounds equally atmospheric as they are humane. Not surprisingly, "Hart of the Wud" is like a treasure found among the rubble.

Granafunk is a new outfit who come blasting out softly with their self-titled debut CD. As with Littl Shyning Man, minimalism is a major obsession with this band. The album weaves its way through smooth, laid-back lounge territory. The music flows freely and the atmosphere is very lazy. [This is mandatory listening for a Sunday morning hangover.] There are no obscene changes in scenery. The ears get adjusted automatically to their brand of layered sounds. What gets me most about this release is the unique sampled percussive sounds. Check out "Das Klavier & ICH" for proof of unusual time-keeping. Rather than distracting from the overall ambiance of the releases, occasional vocals are thrown in here to add to the overall flavour. [especially since for the most part, they're far off in the mix] This may be a debut but already, Granafunk is showing bright signs of hope for the future.

Finally, we come to my favourite album of this bunch; one I'm prepared to call my picker-upper of 2005. "Beatwave Japan" is a compilation of ten artists of Japan who've reinvented the pop-Bossanova-house-d'n'b phenomena. The opening track - Elektel's "Midnight Samba" is worth the price of admission alone. This crazed Japanese outfit tackle everything from bossa-nova to acid house, break-beat and pop-madness all in a span of a 4 minute track. Their use of sampled accordion is so unique that it drives me into dance-fury madness every time I play it in my car stereo [which is rather dangerous, considering I should be using my feet to alternate between gas and brake pedals, instead of shuffling my feet!]. Tremolero's "Sound Goes On" is a smooth-as-silk, bass-laden adventure, which becomes a lesson in proper whistling techniques. Yosuhiro Yamada's "Ease" turns out to be the most adventurous track on this compilation, showcasing his know-how of unique break-beat patterns and broken-up vocals. There are too many superlatives about this compilation and I could go on endlessly. "Beatwave Japan" is a record that showcases the utter excitement oozing out of today's Japan.

Tom Sekowski

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