PRO CELEBRITY GOLF / JAY GLAZE - Three Sinister Syllables
[Chopped Herring Records,]

WE ACEDIASTS - Pre Acediasts


This group of records qualifies for the let's-all-get-fucked-up category. Each has something gorgeous and unique to add to the catalogue of music that will delight as much as it will stun. "Three Sinister Syllables" is a one-off project from two individuals from Manchester that respond to names of Pro Celebrity Golf and Jay Glaze. These two are basically mash-up or cut'n'paste artists along the lines of someone like John Oswald or The Tape Beatles. There are two major differences however. Firstly, they favour longer tracks as a form of expression, rather than the quick snap'n'paste that Oswald gets into. Secondly, they have an actual feeling for the beat. Every one of the eleven tracks on this record grooves. Who do they steal from, you ask. For starters, I caught extended glimpses of original ABBA, Partridge Family, Barry White, Bee Gees tracks thrown into this mad hip-hop, mash-up, groove-out break-your-back mix. But who the hell steals from Charles Mingus, I ask you? [Maybe, this is just a reflection of good taste, I suppose.] It's impossible to listen to this record with a straight face. The use of some 50's or 60's soundtracks and instructional records only add to the overall fun. A little scratching here, a lot of samples here, in the end, this is the most messed up shit to hit your speakers in a long time. If you delight in stolen machinations and like your samples thrown on fat and juicy, "Three Sinister Syllables" is definitely up your alley.

We Acediasts is an ensemble [for the most part] from Japan that only lasted long enough to record this all too-brief EP "We Acediasts". This release simply confounds the listeners. We Acediasts don't know whether they're a rock band, a dub outfit or a Can-tribute band. In all honesty, none of this makes a difference. [Just to make things clear, Pre Acediasts was a duo made up of Takamoto on vocals and Justin on bass, while We Acediasts was a quartet with the addition of Yuta on drums and Mori on bass Justin was playing guitar at this point.] The first two tracks on this EP feature the most intense and focused period of the band's short-lived career. As We Acediasts, they made friends with James Murphy [of the ever-present DFA] who produced these particular tracks. There is much repetitive rock energy as guitars and bass take centre stage with some angry vocals by Takamoto. These guys wanted to be both Can and Suicide at the same time. The drawn-out level plane that is this band is too good to be true. As Pre Acediasts, the duo was a lot more bare and very lean to say the least. They were nothing more than a beat-box, some screaming from Takamoto and occasional effects thrown in for good measure. One of the final tracks is especially brilliant as it features a highly reverberated, overpowering dub beat with lots of feedback. Call it what you will, but I'm in love with the cookie sounds of [both the We and the Pre] Acediasts.

Finally, we get to a very strangely enchanting record by Ukrainian experimental artist Katja Zavoloka. "Plavyna" [which translates as "Silt"] is an album as much of surprises as it is of utter shocks. Zavoloka takes the listeners on a journey into the land of high-pitched computer generated clicks and snips. Occasional tiny, soft beats are heard underneath the static soundscapes which she creates from scratch. Metallic glitterings and ear-crushing feedback-like fizzing overtake the ears. On "Kolyskova" [or "Lullaby"], her haunting vocals feed your soul, as much as filling your ears. Ultimately, "Plavyna" is a trip worth taking, only if to explore and feel the novelty of Zavoloka's auditory world.

Tom Sekowski

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