Love can make miracles

AGF/Delay album Explode is one the most interesting releases on electronic scene at the moment. For that reason we talked with both artists about their record. There are Antye Greie-Fuchs answers on our questions.

- What was the partition of your roles in recording of the album? Did you were responsible for texts and Vladislav - for music?

- We both did everything... in a way... we both chose topics and content and we both performed and arranged and produced the record together... even i suggested most of the words... we both chose the right words and sounds which maintained... Vladislav suggested more of the beat/base side... in the end it was an equal process of participation... and equal also can be in the way to step back and leave it up to the other to form an idea... sometimes i added the drums or he added the vocals... Delay did the mastering almost alone... the mixing we did together.

- The most of beats on the album are slow and massive - where was that idea behind?

- I guess thats what we liked to do at this moment... it carries what we wanted to say... we both like hip hop a lot, but not necessarily old school... more new school? basically we looked for an unique beat area and a special mood or minimalism in the thing... we didn't want to do specific beats connected to specific music like house techno or hip hop... we were looking for beats to carry the message... ask the hip hoppers - i am sure they wont here much hip hop.

- What was fascinating for you in these rhythm structures?

- I guess this slow rhythms give space a lot especially for words, but also just space to be open for imagination and dreaming... but also songs like Explode or Distant View are different... and then in some tracks like Slow Living i think there is the same amount of jazz in it as hip hop way of produce beats... it's hard to say you know you can't think of that in that way... maybe the slowness was something we felt at this time after living a while in the woods ... it's one way to restrict yourself to use a specific form of beat or music... it's limiting in tempo and beat structure.... i think we didn't do that...

- There are a lot of warm and organic sounds on the album from the one side and there are also a lot of glitch noises and cracks from the other side. Why did you decide to contrast these elements?

- It was a next step... glitch has to go somewhere and search for musical crossover and incredients to develope further... get stuck in glitches you get stuck anyway.... i think.

- There is a strong critical attitude in the face of modern western civilisation in your texts. Why are you disappointed of current state of our civilisation?

- Well, from my point of view, i have to say i am disappointed so far with any civilisation i witnessed... it seems humans are not able so far to built a peaceful, healthy and free space for themselfs... it's impressive in the light of observation, if you think what humans CAN do and then what they constantly fuck up... we don't exclude ourselfs from that... we are part of civilisation, but i also didn't want to express disappointment actually... i dont like disapointment as a condition for life... you can be only disappointed, when you expect a thing... expectations can be useless.

- What is the alterantive to the typical western consumer lifestile in your opinion?

- That's a 20 hours discussion we are heading for... i dont know... the main thing about western society is money... we need a kind of have a choice.... to go away and do things you like... get the right information, if you want... even it involves sacrifices a lot... maybe it's the choices we should all think about... and question the choice what to eat, what to do, what to take, what to watch and what to act for.

- I found in your texts a strong feeling that love is a most important value in human life. Am I right?

- Superlatives are dangerouse... love is a strong emotion, which can make miracles... but what is love... who knows? who defines? love can be amazingly constructive and amazingly destructive... it's a form of life... when you live - you are able to love... it's beautiful... but hate is strong too... or fear ... but it restricts others... i believe any action i do, should not restrict or hurt others... and love made many things possible in my life... maybe that sounds moral and i know it's not purely possible i guess, but i try to love as much as possible.

- Last track on Explode - From Morning On - is inspired by book - Sculpting In Time - written by famous russian director - Andrey Tarkovski. In his last movie - Sacrifice - she shows that only return to the spiritual way of life could save our civilisation from decay. Do you agree with him?

- I grew up in a dictatorship as well as him... we both went in the west to live there... but different generations and stuff... seeing the wall come down for me (a miracle back then) or observe history... i will never say never again... and i will never say it's just one way to do things... spiritual way of life can help .. but not religion... not in any traditional form, how it so far existed... all religions fail and failed too in the bigger picture in society... the crime it created... especially, when it becomes a dictatorship... like maybe in some islam countries these days... or look at Bush... he is preaching "spirituality" and he creates so much harm... and i consider that he even doesn't know it.... (limited mind)... it's the humans no matter, if they run after communism or christianity or islam... i am a Dalai Lama fan lately... i can only recommend to read his recent writings... he seems reasonable and thoughtful... or the taoists make most sense to me, when it comes to spirtual encounters... but it has to be a personal search for unique and individual choises in life... everybody deserves to find his own way... maybe something what could help humans, would be honesty and criticism... in a gentle way... more travelling for every individual... more support for unique choices for education... i wish schools would teach psychology and philosophy and history far more as they do... and maybe overall more self or in general criticims in the families, in the tv, in the governments, in the friendships... very special for adults is to think about what to do with the money... how to use it and how to circulate it... that it doesn't stop coming and supports humanity... it's far too much products out there... but also it's what feeds us... and the production of things to keep the wheel turning... i guess it's not purely clear to me.




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+ September Collective - s/t
+ Scanner - Reason By Heart, Sleep By Twilight
+ Rhythm And Sound - See Mi Yah
+ Savas Pascalidis - This Is Your Fantasy
+ Monika Force
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+ Michaela Melian - Baden-Baden
+ Air Liquide - Let Your Ears Be Receiver!
+ Karl Marx Stadt - 1997 - 2004
+ Thomas Jaldemark - Primitive Fun
+ Jake - Jake The Rapper
+ Maximilian Hecker - Lady Sleep
+ Markus Guentner - 1981
+ International Deejays Gigolos Vol. 8
+ AGF/Delay - Explode
+ F.S. Blumm - Zweite Meer
+ Atom TM - iMix

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+ SIRONE BANG ENSEMBLE - Configuration
+ PRO CELEBRITY GOLF / JAY GLAZE - Three Sinister Syllables; WE ACEDIASTS - Pre Acediasts; KATJA ZAVOLOKA - Plavyna
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+ MICK HARRIS - Hednod Sessions; BARK PSYCHOSIS - Replay; JOHN MASSONI - Stillborn Dreams
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+ GRUFF RHYS - Yr Atal Genhedlaeth
+ JONSON - Chiplandschaften
+ THE FIERY FURNACES - Blueberry Boat, EP

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+ It's a passion - wywiad z Vladislavem Delayem
+ Love can make miracles - wywiad z AGF
+ Niskobudżetowe wibracje - Lo-Fi Stereo
+ Jaka Karma taka muzyka