Jason Ajemian - Who Cares How Long You Sink
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Music has an awesome power that even in its laziness and tranquility; it exudes this awesome, life-affirming power. Stop me now, if I'm starting to sound like one of those TV spinsters, but it's the truth. Having heard a piece of music that is breathtaking, I immediately stop whatever it is that I'm doing and take note. I'm all ears. It's just me and the sounds coming out of those speakers. Jason Ajemian's new record is one such release. Compositions he pens are works of real beauty. All pieces are tender. They move slowly and deliberately. This is music that slowly [very slowly] creeps up on you. In a similar fashion as Polwechsel, Jason Ajemian proves that listening to music that is at a standstill is an art form. Jason Ajemian's gentle plucking on his bass meshed together with Jeff Parker's delicate guitar strumming make for some of the warmest moments. Don't think that I'm playing favouritism here as all players' work on the record is stunning. Whether it's Kyle Bruckman's gentle oboe sounds or Matt Bauder's restrained work on the tenor sax or even the subdued trumpet calls of Ernst Karel, all musicians know they're batting for the same team. Considering these are all Jason Ajemian compositions, there seems to be little margin for improvisation or deviation from the master plan. As for the music, it seems the ensemble is performing in some sort of a time capsule. Their understanding of timing, timber and musical shifts are such that questioning anything here [especially for a non-musician, such as myself] is worthless. Take the plunge. Stay still. Breathe easy. 'Who Cares How Long You Sink'!

Tom Sekowski

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