THE MAGIC CARPATHIANS PROJECT - Sonic Suicide - Ethnoise # 1

Do you remember your first time? You know what I'm talking about. Do you remember when you lost your virginity and were introduced to something large, something momentous, something that ultimately changed you? For me, the moment of truth came later on in life, when I heard the rumblings of Polish experimental-world-noise ensemble Magic Carpathians. In fact, it was only last month, while sitting at home late at night that their music had deflowered my eardrums. Going strong for nearly a decade, this duo ' made up of Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski ' likes to explore the finer side of drone-induced, heavily treated music that fits as comfortably in the ethnic music category as it does under the experimental one. They call their music 'ethno core'. As they explain, they're attempting to find the heart to the oldest musical traditions of the earth. Each of the eight tracks on the CD shows a distinct face of this band. 'Warsaw Vibes' delights in its simplistic sampled bass line [or is that a keyboard?] that is repeated over and over again to infinity. Anna's elastic vocals and Marek's stylistic flute work adds tremendous flavour to the track. For a change of pace, 'Carpathian Herbs' delivers the goods. Truly spooky vocals are a simple mirage. Dense electronics and heavy radio machinations add an industrial feel to this piece. When Anna starts to holler beneath the boiling instrumentation, you're not sure if she's crying for help or if it's her cries of joy for her newly found wonderland. As much as I hate comparisons, the first logical 'source' that popped into my mind when listening to a few of these tracks is zoviet-france. Though they're certainly not a copy or a tribute to zoviet-france's mastery of the lost, bizarre and the haunting, they're certainly digging in a mine nearby ' where those same raw materials are present. 'Sonic Suicide' is a first in their Ethnoise series of releases. Suffice it to say, I'm waiting with anticipation for the next chapter in the book called Magic Carpathians.

Tom Sekowski

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>> The Magic Carpathians Project - Sonic Suicide - Ethnoise # 1
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