RAINER LERICOLAIS - Musique du film Les Enfants Gates

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Rainer Lericolais is a French Artist [yes, with a capital A]. Over the years, he has tried to make something new from a musical perspective at least. Whether he has succeeded thus far, is really difficult to say. I guess judging by the fact that outside of his home country ' he's rather unknown ' he still has some work to do in the marketing department on his own name.

'Reader's Digest' is Lericolais' attempt at the cut'n'paste technique. It is almost as if he purely wanted to showcase this side of his artistic self on this release. Quick cut-ups along with laptop manipulations ' lots of bleeps ' are found throughout the record. But wait, there's more! Actual melodies permeate each and every piece. We distinctly hear piano, some bass, some brass instruments, even a brief cello solo. Mumbled voices even come in and out of our hearing range as Lericolais messes about with our heads. Take track # 9 [all pieces receive numbers for titles] ' where a haunting and sweet female voice attempts not to drown in the pool of the cut'n'paste mish-mash. The beauty is all these divergent elements blend so well. If radio was actually open to new music, we'd be able to hear Rainer's music on the airwaves. Truly, this is pop music for the future. 'Musique du film Les Enfants Gates' [or 'The Spoiled Children'] is a soundtrack that is equally as mesmerizing and confusing as 'Reader's Digest'. Interspersed vocals [actual songs] mingle with computer manipulations and ambient sounds. This is really a quirky soundtrack that doesn't for a minute let you settle comfortably into any given mood. Rather, it grabs you by the proverbial balls and pushes to the very edge, where it leaves you dwindling, yelling for mercy. Honestly, this is what I expect a good soundtrack to do. I need to be entertained as well as challenged. On that level alone, 'Musique du film Les Enfants Gates' delivers the goods.

Tom Sekowski

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