YUNX - In the Heat of the Night

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Where is genre-less dance music heading? Why is it that label such as AI Records capitalize on fresh new talent with crucial new things to put down on tape? Could it be due to fact that these same names will turn around a few years down the road and revolutionize dance floor beats?

Jacen Solo's debut solo disc 'Virgo' [his actual name is Doug Adamson] is one of those stand outs in dance oriented music. Adjective that best describes his sounds is warm. Organic beats permeate this 10 track release [a bonus track on the CD is included as well]. Lush techno easily goes hand-in-hand with break-beat, electronica and vintage house without missing a step, without clogging the system in the process. Pulsating rhythms, ever present keyboards all create a mood that one wants to visit and revisit often. Soothing heartbeat at the core of 'Forbidden Medicine' and the bass-heavy [though not overdone] break-beat on 'Letting Go' ensure a marvellous ride through the galaxy. Considering this is a debut, Jacen Solo has talent oozing out of his ears. I'm already excited by the prospect of his next release. This one's a real keeper.

Having been signed by AI Records at age of 17, Michael Manning must have felt tremendous pressure to produce his debut full-length 'Public'. Nonetheless, the results were worth the two year wait. His form of supple electronica does enough to excite the mind, senses as well as the feet. It's not enough to stress how minimal Michael's music is. More important I think it's crucial to tell you how exciting are its sheer lusciousness, its liquidity. When the beats die down ' around 'Cautionary Tale' ' we get caressed with the most lovingly prepared piano you're bound to hear in an electronic production. Contemplative, slowly evolving and most certainly moody, though this is something I may not have been prepared for, it's nonetheless something that sticks in my mind the longest after the CD has finished its course. Then, over the next several tracks, the mood and tempo build back up again, until we reach 'Today' ' a hip-hop and dub flavoured track that just begs to be on heavy rotation at the clubs. While most of the tracks have a softer edge to them, it's unrealistic to call 'Public' an ambient recording. There's a lot more to it than just ambience and chill out tracks. Instead, you can refer to it simply as good music. Yunx's 'In the Heat of the Night' is certainly the jazziest out of these three recordings. The beats are light, while retaining an edge to them. Grooves are spectacularly circular as the overall production is very tight. If you're looking for stand out tracks, there's really too many here to mention. While 'Cheeky toke en route' maintains a lounge feel throughout, with deep house undertones, 'Chip Shop Shuffle' is even lazier still, as the beats are reduced to a minimum and the space-age atmosphere takes its course. Then we get the closing number, 'Only Way Back (is to walk)', which given the fact that it clocks in at just under the 7 minute mark, provides enough stimulation for your feet to do their thing on the dance floor. Enough exciting variations and mood swings on the release, ensure that 'In the Heat of the Night' is bound to find a mass of fans real soon.

Tom Sekowski

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