MOLY - Your Life is in Danger
...BENDER - ...Bender
BREATHLESS - Behind The Light

[Tenor Vossa Records,]

Drones - you love them or you love them.

Moly's debut "Your Life is in Danger" is a pure feast for the senses. Their overload of guitars reminds me of a softer, more controlled My Bloody Valentine, while maintaining the drone like structure of Loop. Now, enough with the comparisons and on to the music at hand. Moly is a band that spews exciting riffs right into the insides of your ear drums. There are enough interesting skewed noisy variations to keep you glued to your seat throughout the discs hour long timeline. Take for instance, the whirling wind-like noises mid way through "Not if you want to keep your spleen". If you remember Pink Floyd's "Echoes", you're bound to love this track [along with the rest of the album]. Very hallucinatory and highly addictive, I predict that even if ignored by public at large, Moly is still a band to watch for.

...Bender is a three piece that began its life sometime around mid 90's. This time around, the drones present here are in a lo-fi format. All sounds put down on tape resemble an amateurish production onto a cassette tape, which I think was the band's intention from the start. The instrumentation may be sparse but it is highly effective. Viola, cello, piano, organ and guitars stroll through this release slowly with no apparent hurry. Geraldine Swayne?s vocals resemble whisperings of a disturbed ghost piercing through your walls late at night. Likewise, James Johnston [founder of Gallon Drunk] has a set of vocal chords that are dry and coarse. He sings with no apparent hurry, no apparent reason to live. Where's Daniel Johnston when you really need him? For what it's worth, 'Bender makes music that is as depressing as its perfectly flawed.

Though equally prone to display the drone as their power tool, Breathless ventures into a more luscious territory. A blend of true guitar mayhem, soft caressing vocals and a large dose of psychedelia ensures this is one wild ride. The soft vocals of Dominic Appleton are highly hushed but give the album a very ethereal feel. Guitars are wispy and the songs bear a very melodic feel to them. At the end of the record though, I feel that these sounds are too derivative, too familiar. Next time around, I hope Breathless will take a more succinct and dare I say innovative approach to music as a whole. This can only help successive releases reverberate with colour and fresh ideas.

- Tom Sekowski

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