We've tried new things

A masters of dark electro - Adult. - are back with a sensational new album - "Gimme Trouble". We talked about this record with Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller.

- Why did you decide to record your new album for Thrill Jockey?

- It has been difficult in the last year or two to be Adult. and run our own label Ersatz Audio, so we decided to take a little break from running our own label and concentrate on the band for a bit. It is being released on Thrill Jockey specifically because we really respect them. They share the same "Do It Yourself" attitude and belief in complete artist freedom as we do, and they are regular, nice people - not corporate or fake like most record labels. They also distributed Ersatz Audio for many years, and we were able to learn about their business sense through that experience. But we chose to release on a different label than our own because it is too hard for us to tour and have a new release come out and deal with the whole business side of releasing the album.

- Is it a long term contract or only for one release?

- It is very casual, it is handled one release at a time. And this is our second release with them - the "D.U.M.E." EP being the first.

- You came back from European and American tour - what is the difference between continental and American audience?

- With a few exceptions, the audiences respond in the same way. If you were to take me to an American or European club with a blindfold on, put me on a stage and told me to play, I wouldn't know the difference until they shouted a song name in some other accent. And the exceptional cities always seem to have their equivalent across the ocean.

- Why did you record "Gimme Trouble" so quick - only in two weeks?

- We recorded "Gimmie Trouble" in two weeks. It is an average time in my opinion to record twelve songs. But we wrote "Gimmie Trouble" in three months (and when we say three months, we mean all but five days during that five months).

- Did you record tracks on "D.U.M.E." during the same session? - No. The songs for D.U.M.E. were written over an indeterminate period of time. Some of those songs we had been playing out for awhile and some we wrote specifically for the EP.

- Why did you decide to reform Adult. from duo to trio? - We did not "decide" it, it was the natural evolution of the species.

- Who is Samuel Consiqlio?

- He is the son of Helen Bach.

- Which instruments does he play on?

- Anything and everything.

- Does he play with Adult. on stage too?

- Yes.

- "D.U.M.E." and "Gimme Trouble" are into 80s punk-goth sound - especially in guitar and bass parts. Why did you change your music direction into this style?

- Getting a little ahead of myself here, if you say the guitar and bass parts are a little punk/goth. You've name-checked a lot of our influences using the beginners guide. I mean the one guitar player from The Rolling Stones is a little bit Muddy Waters, the singer some Tina Turner crossed with some Elvis Presley and the other guitar player got a pinch of Wes Montgomery and a splash of Robert Johnson, most people who enjoy The Stones can see past that, and in fact probably can't even detect it in the first place. We're just not sure what these lists actually say to a listener about what's on the records. If someone hears our records and it urges them to buy "Mix-up" by the Cabaret Voltaire then they and all of humanity are only the richer for it. We haven't changed directions, we've tried new things. We've added and subtracted. We've decided that this is more fun than that and padded this and trimmed from that. Oh and they've been calling Adult. Goth, or dark, or cold, or death disco or "for the dressed in black crowd" or whatever since our very first releases.

- Some beats on "Gimme Trouble" are early Cabaret Voltaire influenced - do you look for inspiration in old industrial music?

- Impressive, you are very astute here. This album is the first time Adult. has really used amps, and early Cabaret Voltaire was a band we definitely studied to get inspired on new ways to use amps.

- Some passages of keyboards on "Gimme Trouble" remind me lo-fi sci-fi sounds of B-52s or Devo. What is interesting for you in these old school sounds?

- We have been listening to records by B-52s and Devo for so long that these reference points are completely irrelevant to us. They are part of us now.

- Nicola sings on "Gimme Trouble" in Siouxsie Sioux/Poly Styrene mode. It is more energetic but less melodic. Why did she change your way of singing?

- Hmmm - less melodic... I never considered myself to have been melodic considering I'm tone deaf. My voice has changed because I have finally come to accept that I am a singer in a band. Thru the years I have just become more comfortable with the situation and now I think I am enjoying what I do. I think my voice now is very representational of me, where as in the past my voice was just more a machine filling up space.

- Lirycs on "Gimme Trouble" are more schizophrenic - is it a result of your goth's fascinations or attempt to create something similar to new Adult. music?

- There are times on "Gimmie Trouble" where the lyrics are a little bit schizophrenic, in a broad sense this record deals with inner dialogue and transformative experience. What can leave a sane person barking like a dog and foaming at the mouth better than mindless accusation and peoples' sense of entitlement that's richly undeserved. On the other hand we think that Adult.'s past lyrics functioned more as logo's, our identities for the duration of the song in a concise little package. We were yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. Cut and run. We finally have a chance to complete a sentence.





+ Odd Nosdam - Burner
+ Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
+ Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra - Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra
+ Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet feat. Mike Pearson - Be Music, Night. A Homage to Kenneth Patchen; Crimetime Orchestra feat. Bjornar Andresen - Life Is A Beautiful Monster; Frode Gjerstad Trio with Peter Broztmann - Sharp Knives Cut Deeper; No Spaghetti Edition - Listen... And Tell Me What It Was
+ Le forbici Di manitu - Terrore nello Spazio
+ A Cid Symphony - A Cid Symphony
+ The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Be Music, Night. A Homage to Kenneth Patchen
+ The Village Orchestra - Et In Arcadia Ego
+ Andy Vaz - Sound Variations 8-8
+ Andy Vaz - People Inside/Outside
+ Andy Vaz - Live In Detroit
+ Different State - More Than Music
+ Seltsam & Strahler - ^o^
+ Dijf Sanders - To Be A Bob
+ Donna Regina - Slow Killer
+ Phon.O - Burn Down The Town
+ Andrew Pekler - Strings + Feedback
+ The Orb - Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt
+ LE:01
+ Heiko Laux - Spread
+ Lappetites - Before The Libretto
+ Los Hermanos - On Another Level
+ Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV
+ Grlz - Women Ahead Of Their Time
+ Goldfrapp - Supernature
+ Avia Gardner - More Than Tongue Can Tell
+ Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hitech Jazz Compilation
+ Fuck-off Machete - If Gold Was Silver And Silver Was Gold
+ Frau-Doktor - Astronauten
+ Flanger - Spirituals
+ Erdbeerfeld - Schwerelos
+ The Dolls - The Dolls
+ Desormais - Dead Letters To Lost Friend
+ Vladislav Delay - The Four Quarters
+ Mr De' - Renaissance
+ Confutatis - Built In Anger
+ Column One - Dream Time
+ B. Calloway - Black Grooves
+ Arpanet - Quantum Transposition
+ Matias Aguayo - Are You Really Lost?
+ Adult. - Gimme Trouble
+ Damon Aaron - Ballast

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