Black One


[Southern Lord,]

For all I know sunnO))) is an act that likes to poke fun at their audience. Playing live shows in medieval costumes [jovial looking hoods] can't help matters. The duo made up of Steve O'Malley and Greg Anderson is an antithesis of everything that is right and glorious about raw metal. We're not talking about the glam sort of metal you may remember from the 80's - Venom, Motorhead, etc. sunnO)))'s music is much darker, heavier, gloomier and ultimately dirtier. This sort of loud guitar concoction that they serve up on their new release "Black One" will make you do one of two things: (1) fall asleep or (2) run for the nearest toilet to puke your brains out. How can such varying reaction be possible from any single act, you ask? Simple.

The duo is about guitars - loud, slow and very crunchy. The way they play their respective guitars is so gut wrenching but at the same time weirdly soothing. It's these soothing drones that oftentimes make me want to go to sleep. This isn't saying anything bad about their elongated loud guitar fests. All I'm saying is that I use certain music to soothe me to sleep and "Black One" seems to be the perfect soundtrack. So what, if they sound a lot like Earth [another band I had a lot of respect for during the early 90's], their loopy drones send me off to never-never land. So what if [one of the album's special guests] Malefic was locked up inside a casket to give out a series of primal screams for the epic "Bathory Erzebet"? I still find this stuff soothing. In fact, more of this record reminds me of a slowed-down Loop than Earth. [Though to be fair, both bands were soothing to my ears.] Nothing here really makes me sick to my stomach, though I can guarantee that many of the uninitiated will feel truly, truly sick. This happens to be one of the signs of a really grand record.

Though his guest-starring role on sunnO)))'s "Black One" was barely noticeable to my ears, it's great to see that Australian guitarist Oren Ambarchi is undergoing a revival of sorts. "Triste" - a re-issue of an ultra-limited Idea release from a few years back - is a pearl in the ocean of swine. It begins with an 18-minute long "Triste, Pt. 1", which is full of very subtle guitar landscapes. Soft, yet far from any new-age, Eno moniker you may want to throw on it. It moves slowly, in its wake manufacturing a serene, almost still landscape. A full wave of warmth washes over this land where all is still and sound moves at a turtle's pace. This all changes once "Triste, Pt. 2" arrives at your ears. At this point, Ambarchi shifts modes into glitch-overdrive. The sounds are processed so well that no overt damage is done to the eardrums. Sure, the pitches are riding in the high register but for some reason, they're really pleasant. Even when the sounds become really extreme, they are still quite welcoming. This is what you would call the human factor of this composer - his overt ability to "bring" the listener into his domain. The record closes with a couple of re-mixes [by Tom Recchion] of the original piece, which by themselves don't particularly add anything new to the original piece. It's nice that the 14 minutes extra here is down-tempo, subtle guitar landscapes, but to be fair, they more or less mess up the overall energetic mix of "Triste, Pt. 2". Highly rewarding and crucial record.

- Tom Sekowski

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