Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent: One - Bloom
Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent: Two - Huge

[Die Stadt Records / Janet Records,]


[Die Stadt Records,]

"Still" music is something that doesn't move at the speed of light. It allows the listener to take a breath or two and analyze what's going on, before it moves on to the next motif. It lets you stay put, while it unravels a world of mysterious beauty in a new contexts before your ears.
Without much fanfare or a push, a new outfit came about last year. Fovea Hex mixes the best in traditional Irish music with the finest elements in today's studio technology. Having three Irish chanteuses sing side by side Brian Eno, while his brother Roger is playing the harmonium and Cora Venus Lunnv is playing the violin is a treat indeed. This isn't traditional Irish music in the sense of Guinness-drinking crowd, nor is it the more popularized version as done by Enya. Fovea Hex takes their music seriously and takes things to the outer edges, while remaining completely accessible. Choral agreement on the "Bloom" EP's opening track "Don't These Windows Open" is a mesmerizing journey into stillness. The three female vocalists - Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran and Lydia Sasse - resemble a swarm of buzzing bees as they gently sing the lead. The longish "We Sleep You Bloom" once again features the same chorus of voices, this time around accompanied by the softest touches of harmonium and viola.
Simonds sings a gorgeous solo vocal piece accompanied by only the harmonium on "That River". I absolutely love the way she hangs on to each note, as if it were worth its weight in gold. The Hafler Trio's Andrew McKenzie looks after production aspect and plays a steady chain of occasional notes. Stunning debut from beginning to the very end. Continuing in the "Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent" trilogy, "Huge" EP is another mark in bringing Clodagh Simonds a step closer to the public's attention. Having done work with Thin Lizzy, Russell Mills and Mike Oldfield, Simonds was "lost" for a number of years. Once again, the atmosphere on this release is icy cool. Not to be confused with the loss of feeling or passion for one's work, Fovea Hex is deep into mood that resembles arctic ice caps, small villages in the northern part of Norway and the sounds of morning snow beneath ones feet. Stunning choral of four vocalists [this time around augmented by Sarah McQuaid] is perfectly realized. "Huge (The Joy of Trouble)" features the four women in perfect choral harmony, while the softest sound touches makes up their bed. Instrumental "A Song For Magda" is packed with more ice-cold instrumentation - keyboards, violins, shredded piano. The piece swirls quietly in a world of its own - where humans are rarely seen. Its intensity is so deafening quiet; you're glued to your headphones waiting for a climax to appear. To end off the recording, we come to "While You're Away" - a delight of stillness, where vocals spiral around harmonium, soft chimes, glass and a gorgeous string arrangement. This time around Colin Potter took over production reigns. His approach is even more focused and clear than Andrew McKenzie's was on "Bloom". Both EPs come packaged in a gorgeous paperbound packaging, which makes the listening experience even more awesome. Nothing short of perfection on both Fovea Hex EPs. One can only wait with anticipation for the third instalment to see what worlds this ensemble can uncover next.
Colin Potter, who had a big part in the final production of Fovea Hex's "Bloom", returns with his partner Darren Tate for a drone-fest under the Monos name. "Generators" is a massive 2 CD set that encapsulates the best qualities of drone music. Hissing slowly in no particular direction, the music makes a strong case for this sort of reductionism. Tate plays radio, electronics and the water heater, while Potter is in charge of processing and electronics. Bit by bit, the 70 minutes of the first CD stumble on. Opening "Sleep" resembles a vibrator left on a counter-top for too long. Almost as if in a dream, the hum-like quality has a meditational power to it. Before you know it, your eye lids are closing involuntarily. The title track has a more even feel to it. With an eerie humming, if you're making full use of headphones, there are gentle nuances to be heard. Album's final number "Slowly Fading" is the most subtle of all. It features a sub-bass base on which persuasive, gentle variations are built upon. Like a boiling soup, the mass has an even quality that has a persistent mood-inducing feel. The 48-minute long "The Black Sea" which makes up the entire second disc is infused with even more drama. Without a doubt, this is still a spectacle that doesn't speak in loud shouts, but lets itself be known through tiny nuances. An almost choral effect is pervasive through the entire piece. It's as if a chorus was chanting a mantra, though of course, there are no voices, just electronics and heavy processing. Though the sounds in themselves aren't pretty on first listen, fact remains, the more you immerse yourself in the music, the more beauty you're bound to notice. Some may hear a soft propeller, while others will equate the sounds to a harsher buzzing of an industrial fan. Whatever the case, Darren Tate and Colin Potter have mastered the art of the drone. When you open the gatefold of the CD, you're accosted with a huge word "still", which is the perfect description of Monos and their musical concoction.

- Tom Sekowski

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