Willow Weep and Moan For Me

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Die Hennen Zähne

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One Plus One
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After alternating between vinyl and 5" CD format for such a long time [my 8-track machine sadly doesn't work any longer and all my ABBA, Barry White and Charles Aznavour 8-tracks have long been given away], it's a fine luxury to stand back and take a listen to music released on the smaller, but much more concise 3" CD format. These CD singles never really took off as a means to promote the single song format. Maybe it's because they would literally get lost in the record store or maybe because they're so damn small - whatever the reason may be, these long forgotten, lost musical oddities deserve a closer look.
Recorded on a July night in 2004, during Bomb the Space festival, "Willow Weep and Moan for Me" is a fine 19 minutes of improvised guitar-electronic mish-mash from three of the more memorable names in the world of today's guitar. Alan Licht [who did some fine work with Bongwater] is joined by Oren Ambarchi and Japanese improviser Tetuzi Akiyama. To say this single source improvisation is drenched in blues would be an understatement. The trio plays flawlessly, though nothing on the live recording resembles a thought-out recording. Perhaps ideas were discussed or directions in music were talked about but I feel these three share a similar mentality for the guitar. Whatever the case, every single note these three come out with strikes a chord. This is outright emotional playing - something that is rarely heard in this sort of a setting. While Licht and Akiyama set up the blues process - striking their machines gently, with thick slabs of pensive, bluesy guitar playing, Ambarchi provides a perfect counter-balance with signature sound worlds where each note is stretched for aeons. One fault is its brevity [same can be said for the remaining records in this review]. One highlight is its sorrowful atmosphere that isn't easily forgotten after the recording ends. Just as the trio is warming with some outstanding soloing and slabs of off-kilter feedback, just as a heavy drone is kept up, the record suddenly ends. A heavily edited tasty morsel that is simply a fine recording.
Next record in the bunch is Organum's "Die Hennen Zähne". Actually a compilation of that particular 10" record along with "Maus" release, the four track release is a travelogue into the spooked-out world of David Jackman's demented mind. "Die Kralle" starts off innocently enough with sounds of hammer on glass and an echo-chamber goth background. As we move into the title track, we get a tour-de-force, full of shards of glass being broken all over the place and a loop of demented voices to complete the picture. Inclusion of Tibetan horns only makes for a more robust, though even stranger ride. "Maus" is an abrasive exercise in extremities. An exorcism of brutal power, the piece meanders in a world of saws, buzzes and constant, driving feedback. Its awesome power is so great; it leaves the last piece "Kazi" as a bit of an afterthought. For those with dark minds and those with black at their cores, though stomach churning at its best moments, Organum's long lost singles are a fine feast.
Recorded at London's 1996 LMC Festival, "25.5.1996" is a highlight of German guitarist Erhard Hirt's performance. Self-descriptive "Drone" is just that - a seven minute drone piece created with Hirt's guitar that resembles a space-like monolith slowly growing out of the ground, only to come to a grinding halt at the end with the audience's appreciative applause. Further on, "Percussion" showcases what can be done with the guitar to make it sound like a percussive tool. From plucking of the strings, to the tapping on the outer shell, it's a fine example of show'n'tell. Some of Hirt's best work is heard on "Staff" where he offers up slower-paced textures that resemble a reel-to-reel played in slow motion. Then again, it could very well serve as a soundtrack to a horror flick. An outstanding performance, though I wish more excerpts were included.
To end of our journey into the small CD format, we drive into Philip Samartzis country, where fields are full of electronic glitching and the mood is relaxed. On "One Plus One" Samartzis collaborates with another Australian audio artist, Lawrence English. A lecturer in Sound at the School of Art at RMIT, Samartzis is a renowned audio sculptor who has over the last little while carved a comfortable niche for himself. Variable sounds and interesting noises make appearance on this collaboration. Among those is a soft, industrial machine drum-less beat, squelching radio noises, video game sounds [I'm talking about early 80's kids] and high-pitched, though well defined sound bursts. If I like anything here in particular is the records' natural flow. The choice of turntables the two employ on the recording is masterful. Actually, it's the vinyl that is top notch. From the skipping sounds, through to the jittery no-man's world, this is fine stuff. It's as if I took my kids to the zoo and showed them all sorts of exotic animals - "Look kids! It's a hyena! Wow! Look kids, that's a giraffe!" "But Daddy", my kids answer, "why does a giraffe have such a long neck?"
"h [ ]" features Samartzis hand-in-hand with Japanese minimal composer Kozo Inada. The beauty here is in the details as much as the act of surprise. Listeners at this point don't care who is playing what material, what instruments were used or what sources were considered. One thing counts only - the end result. Twenty minute piece is a haunting journey into world of hiss, glistening noise and radio frequency sounds. Haunting relief from the bullshit of everyday. Exhilarating and an involving listen each and every time.

- Tom Sekowski

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