Fuck Work

Rebuilding Pantaleone's Tree

A Post-Fordist Parade in the Strike of Events

[Baskaru, www.baskaru.com]

It's easy to dismiss French label Baskaru as another flash in the pan in the eai game. They're a lot more than that of course. With the help of acts that accentuate the tender side of the game, they come up with results that are oftentimes quite unpredictable.
Ent is an Italian outfit formed by two multi-instrumentalists - Michele Scariot and Emanuele Bortoluzzi. Before their proper album debut "Fuck Work", they've released a number of CD-Rs, as well as having appeared on a number of compilations. To call their music simply quiet would be somewhat of a misnomer. It's hushed but only to a point. It's glitchy, but only marginally. It's slow but only to a certain extent. These two basically utilize any musical sub-category they can think of and brew up a stew that is without question their very own. The process for the CD was someone construed. First, the pieces were composed at home. Then, they were deconstructed live through improvised sets. Following all of this, the pieces were again reconstructed in a recording session. Pieces feature a wonderful thick bed of crackly vinyl. Synth [or sampled synths] are apparent in odd places and radio waves can be heard as well. Even processed guitars are to be found if one listens carefully enough. "All Night Long" builds a lovely groove that is accentuated by a bass drum. Nearly a shaman ceremony of sorts, it allows the ears to follow a certain pattern that is enjoyable. The clinking and clanging sounds on "Eternal Plans" remind me of horse hoofs hitting winter snow, while the most rhythmic track is "Milk Oblo", which features actual broken-down glitchy beat. Saying these guys are all over the map is an accurate statement. I hope further releases will only confirm their staying power.
Another Italian artist on Baskaru's roster is one Stefano De Santis that goes under an alias Urkuma. His career began as a playwright and only later did he began to appreciate building concepts out of sound. Urkuma [which means an opposite of the Buddhist concept of nirvana] builds a well woven narrative to the CD. By choosing to play whatever instrument is within reach - clarinet, electronic devices, home made instruments and tapes - he weaves a tale based on a monk and the Pantaleone's mosaic floor in the Cathedral of Otranto. [google this one to see how unreal and hauntingly beautiful it actually is] While the album does contain a few glitch-filled passages [such as "L'Asino Arpista"], for the most part De Santis moves as far away from that realm as possible. "Achmed Giedik" is full of distracting high-pitched noises but once you get past this hump, the real story starts to unfold. "Abraxas" features a great slew of what possibly could be processed radio waves that create a soft and lulling waves-crashing-on-the shore effect. "Bestiaire" is a long humming, bass-filled chant from what could be a monk. Ultimately, this is nothing more and nothing less than a full fledged journey. Best to experience this on headphones, with eyes closed.
Another Italian audio artist, Salvatore Borrelli hides under the guise of (Etre). Playing a variety of guitars, drums, toys, field recordings and max/MSP programming, his release is a blast of varied proportions. While a track like "Naturalist Tokyo 3.0 (for Michel Houellebecq)" features a mish-mash of high-pitches, jittery effects and cartoonish voices, it ultimately does a bit too much in a short time-span to be fully absorbed. That's probably the biggest problem of the whole release. Too many ideas come flying in too short a time span. While the next track "And you are free in the icon of neurotic realism (for Santiago Sierra)" is somewhat better in articulating a certain idea [with its multiple, layered guitars strangling the constant glitch], this is still too overpopulated with concepts. Borrelli's best tracks are the ones where less is used to express more. "Dogs from my childhood: multiple white (for Thomas Hirschhorn)" takes a simple guitar motif and stretches an idea over an eight minute length. While in sections, the guitar sounds serene, in other places, it resembles a Hawaiian luau ceremony. (Etre) sounds as if he's still searching for that common ground, where he'll feel most comfortable with his art.

- Tom Sekowski

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