The huge amount of energy

The album "Evolver" released by German label Kanzleramt is the one of the strongest debuts on electronic scene this year. We talked to his author - the young Dutch producer Peter Horrevorts

- Your interest in music was inspired by your mother. What kind of sounds did she play in your childhood?

- My mother didn't really played one specific sound. It varied from 70ties and 90ties rock to Hardcore Rave in the 90ties and all what lies in between. But also traditional Indonesian music (my mother originally comes from Indonesia and my dad is Dutch). During the years the music she bought slightly changed, but whatever the style was, she always played the more energetic and danceable sounds. Though I didn't like everything she played at home she really expanded my horizon in music. I listened to music that a child maybe wouldn't choose.

- What was you're the first reaction, when you discovered techno?

- I can still remember that my mom brought a mix tape which contained the best dance music of that period. I think the title was "Move the House" and was released somewhere in the beginning of the 90ties. I loved it right away! The huge amount of energy and power this music contained was just the thing that I missed in previously heard music.

- What inspired you to create your own music?

- Since I was a youngster I was always interested in making music. First ramming sticks on pots and pans and later playing with a little keyboard that my parents bought me.
I was always interested in creating stuff by myself. As a kid I spend many days on visualizing my imagination by painting and sculpting them. Creating music was something I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to do that.
When I was around 12 years, me and some friends decided we had to create a house song. We had some ideas about what we were going to do, but we had no clue how to do this. One of us had a pretty advanced synthesizer and a mic at home which we figured, would be ideal for making music... But it didn't work out the way we expected. So I continued my search for the ideal way of making music.
One day I was at a friend and we were talking about making music. He told me he had this program called Whacker Tracker on his computer which could be used for making music. So we tried it out and then I knew it, this is what I need to create electronic music! It was a very basic, 4 channel sampler / sequencer but more then enough for me in that time. Today I use a program called Renoise that's far more advanced than Whacker Tracker but still uses similar techniques.

- Did your DJ experiences enrich your own music?

- I don't have that much experience as a DJ. I do have a complete DJ set at home but I don't spend that much time on DJ-ing. I do perform as a live act with Ableton Live. I think this is much more fun than a DJ set. These live experiences are very useful. Ableton Live gives me the occasion to re-arrange my songs while I see the crowd responding. This way I learn allot of what works best on the dance floor.

-Do you like to remix the other producers tracks?

- I really like to remix music from other artists. I also enjoy listening to other peoples remixes. This way you can hear really tell if an artist is creative. Carl Craig is a good example of a very creative artist, he does great remixes.
I always try to make something completely different and still contain parts of the theme. The best remixes are the ones who you recognize immediately but still sound totally different.

- You recorded under many names. What were the differences between all these projects?

- There are several reasons for using different names. First of all, every project has its own type of sound. For example, the productions I released as Forcesupreme are a bit harder and monotone than what I do now. I also did some techno mixed up with house and trance elements as Oliver Shine.
Beside that, there are legal reasons... For example: I signed a deal for 3 releases with the Forcesupreme name. I already released two of them, so I still had to do one release before I could sign my music elsewhere with this name. Since I had some other music waiting to be released, I used different names.
Since Kanzleramt releases I started using my own real name. And I am happy about it. The music and sound that I am releasing is the sound which I like and I am not restricted to one particular style.

- How did you start to cooperate with Kanzleramt?

- About a year a go I reached this point when I finally found the sound that fits me best. That moment I decided to leave the past as what it was and go on with this new sound and with new labels. I collected my finest tracks and started spreading demos through the internet. I sent an email with a link to an online demo page to Kanzleramt´s head - Heiko Laux. Within a day he responded that he digged my demo. And we started talking, he asked me for more tracks. I sent him "Birth" from which I thought that nobody would sign it. I was wrong, Heiko loved it so we decided, this was going to be the first release. And from there, I released another 12" and my album. I really enjoy working with Heiko.

- In your youth you were focused on painting, drawing and sculpting. Do you find inspiration in these forms of art in creation of your music?

- I think I can use this creative experience from my youth when making music. It gives me the possibility to think and approach music. You start looking more visual to music. When I listen to music, I also try to visualize an image that fits the music. But I don't really know if this has anything to do with the drawing experience from my youth.

- You debut album "Evolver" is full of powerful energy - is it a key to make the best dance music?

- I think so. Dance music should trigger you to move and dance. It's called dance music right? It should give you a boost of energy. But my way isn't necessary the best way of arousing energy. Energy can be created in music in different ways. A simple melody can give you just as much energy as a phat driving drum loop. Whether it's minimal or techno I just have to groove.

- Where do you find such strong energy in your life?

- From different things. Not one particularly but I think I get allot of energy of creating music. Because I want to arouse a feeling of energy from the listener, I also get lots of energy by creating it. Listening to music can also give that energy, but not as much as making music.

- You balance on "Evolver" between techno - house - disco - electro. Why did you not decide to record album strictly in one style?

- I have a broad taste for listening to music and I also have a broad taste for making music. I think I would be bored when making an album in a very distinct style. This is urging for variety also holds me back sometimes. When I start working on a track and don't finish it within a few days, the song evolves into totally other songs. Which cost me allot of time. Sometimes I have 10 versions of one track and most times, the first one sounds best. If I could just stick to the first plan, I would be working much more efficiently.
I also really like variation in life. I can't do the same every day. I worked as a web designer at a small office. At the beginning it was nice, the jobs I had to do were pretty fun and interesting. But after a while I got a bit bored of doing the same things everyday, day in, day out. So I quit and started studying again.

- Are you going to play music from "Evolver" live?

- I am already playing live! I have done about 10 of them since December last year and every time I play, I ´m enjoying it even more. I am not that type that likes to be in the spotlight. But I got used to it and now I can enjoy it. It's so cool to see people going mental on your own music.
Besides, it's also a very good opportunity to play out new ideas. The effect of the track can be monitored instantly. You can use this knowledge when finishing the track later.




+ Marek Styczyński - Cyber Totem
+ Uphill Racer - You Will Understand
+ Asmus Tietchens - Notturno
+ Sonar Kollektiv - Ten Years, Who Cares?
+ Slam - Human Response
+ Shriekback - Glory Bumps
+ The Black Seeds - Into The Dojo
+ Plant43 - Grey Sky Cracks EP
+ Troy Pierce - Gone Astray
+ Outlines - Our Lives Are Too Short
+ The Orb - Orbsessions Volume Two: Finest Quality For The Connoisseur
+ Exploited Presents: Shir Khan - Maximize!
+ Magnum 38 - Old Europe Strikes Back
+ Magnum 38 - Disko Toni EP
+ Lady Aarp - Soma
+ Oliver Koletzki - Get Wasted
+ Laurent Garnier - Public Outburst
+ Fovea Hex - Allure
+ False - 2007
+ Asmus Tietchens & Richard Chartier - Fabrication
+ Brian Ellis - The Silver Creature
+ Boxer 50 Jubilee
+ DJ 3000 - Blood & Honey
+ Current 93 - The Inmost Light
+ Cepia - Natura Morta
+ F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda - F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda
+ Eva Be - Moving Without Travelling
+ Alien Entertainment feat. Furious Steez - Tight Beatz EP
+ Nemezis - Inbetween
+ Tarwater - Spider Smile
+ Spoils of War - The Spoils of War
+ V. A. - Simla Beat 70/71
+ Death Ambient - Drunken Forest
+ Attilio Mineo - Man in Space with Sounds
+ International Harvester - Sov Gott Rose-Marie
+ Keiji Haino/K.K. Null - Mamono
+ Evan Parker - A Glancing Blow
+ Sabir Mateen's Shapes, Textures and Small Ensemble - Prophecies Come To Pass
+ David S.Ware Quartet - Renunciation
+ Sten Sandell Trio + John Butcher - Strokes

- - - - - - - - -

+ DECLARED ENEMY - Salute to 100001 Stars - A Tribute to Jean Genet
+ SCOTT TINKLER - Backwards
+ MIKHAIL - Orphica
+ BETTY DAVIS - Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different
+ PORT-ROYAL - Afraid to Dance / STAFRAENN HAKON - Gummi
+ A.M. - Orla
+ VARIOUS ARTISTS - Rumble in the Jungle
+ FABIAN GISLER - Backyard Poets
+ GENARO - Genaro
+ JEAN-LOUIS HUFTA - Halfway Between The World and Death
+ PHIL MINTON / VERYAN WESTON - Ways / PETER BROTZMANN / BILL LASWELL + LAST EXIT - Low Life / Koln / UWE KROPINSKI - Berlin, New York and Back / ALAN SKIDMORE QUARTET - Impressions of John Coltrane / S.O.H. - Live in London
+ THILGES - La Double Absence
+ JIM DENLEY - Through Fire, Crevice + The Hidden Valley
+ VARIOUS ARTISTS - Sidewalk Songs & City Stories - New Urban Folk
+ VARIOUS ARTISTS - Essential Dub
+ FORMICATION - Icons for a New Religion
+ STEALPOT - Indian Salon
+ PEOPLE LIKE US & ERGO PHIZMIZ - Perpetuum Mobile
+ ROBERT VINCS - Devic Kingdom
+ MICHAEL ZERANG - Cedarhead
+ CARTA - The Glass Bottom Boat
+ MARCO FERNANDES / MIKE PRIDE - A Mountain is a Mammal / KK NULL - Fertile / SERAFINA STEER - Cheap Demo Bad Science / JANDEK - The Ruins of Adventure / RONDERLIN - The Great Investigation / MICHAL OSOWSKI COLLECTIVE - Live at White Elephant / MATTHIEU SALADIN - Intervalles / VARIOUS ARTISTS - Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Volume One / CHARLES STUART - The Man Who Likes Watching / JOELLE LEANDRE / PASCAL CONTET - Freeway / KTL - 2 / SECOND HAND - Reality / HAUSCHKA - Versions of the Prepared Piano / VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Jarring Effects Home Experience # 2 / BRUCE EISENBEIL SEXTET - Inner Constellation Volume One / EVAN BARTHOLOMEW - Borderlands / BIRDY - Birdy / FATALI - Re:Construct / CANARTIC - Bouncing Radar Beams Off The Moon
+ AKI TAKASE / SILKE EBERHARD - Ornette Coleman Anthology

- - - - - - - - -


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