Dedicated to the dancefloor

The new album of German producer Gregor Tresher - "A Thousand Nights" - is one the most energetic techno records released during passing year. Check our interview with that highly talented artist.

- How did you discover modern electronic club music?

- When I was younger I was really into the music of the eighties, basically all synthesizer-based music. Later I started to go to clubs in the early nineties.

- You started creating your own music with electro in project Sniper Mode. What was the most interesting for you in this style?

- I was a bit bored by techno at that time and wanted to work with more complex grooves. Electro was the perfect playground.

- Why did you decide to change your music direction into more complex sound mixing electro, techno, trance and house?

- It's actually nothing I really decided, it just happened with the time. To me it's all basically techno.

- You started releasing music under your own name in Datapunk. Why did you choose that label?

- I met Anthony when he was about to launch the label and I was looking for a new platform for my productions as well, so it was a perfect fit.

- So why did you decide to change a label from Datapunk to Great Stuff?

- Well, I did not actually "change" the label, I worked with Great Stuff before and I got along with the people there very well, so I decided to release my album on Great Stuff. Also I had complete freedom from the music to the artwork there, which was very important for me. Maybe I will release music on Datapunk in the future again, we will see...

- Sven Väth helped you in career playing your tracks in his DJ sets and putting your music on Cocoon label compilation. How did you feel being championed by such prominent techno-figure?

- It is an always a really big honor when Sven plays my tracks. Of course, it helps a lot when someone like him plays your records.

- You were voted "best producer of the year" by "Raveline" magazine in 2006. Did you feel the pressure of that prestige name working on your album "A Thousand Nights"?

- No, it was a very nice thing to be voted "best producer", but it did not put any pressure on me. I was more of getting a real positive energy from this to produce the album.

- Some tracks from "A Thousand Nights" are minimal techno oriented ("Black Rain" or "Running System"), but some others - flirts with Datapunk-like electro-techno style ("Painkiller" or "Anti"). Why did you decide to connect both these esthetics on one album?

- I wanted to show the complete range of music I like and produce at the moment, so I tried to include every style I would play in a DJ-set as well. On the other hand, I did not want to include ambient or electronica tracks, the album was supposed to be dedicated to the dancefloor.

- There are some tracks on the album with great melodies - "A Thousand Nights" or "Syncopia". It is difficult for techno-producer to create a good melody?

- Well, I think the process of creating good melodies is very challenging and it sometimes takes very long to find something really cool. On the other hand, sometimes you just play around and at once there is this melody which is really strong. I think that the difficult part is to realize when you have something really strong. It's also always a thin line not to get over the top.

- Why did you not use vocals on the album?

- I only use vocals when I have a good idea for lyrics as well, I never use vocals when there is nothing to say - for this album it just felt right to leave the vocals out, but I'm sure I will use vocals in the future again.

- Bonus CD added to "A Thousand Nights" collects some of your remixes. What is interesting for you in remixing other producers' tracks?

- Doing remixes is a nice variation to producing own music. It's just one track, not a whole record and also it's very challenging when the original is very strong.

- You often cooperate with other artists - Billy Nasty, Monika Kruse, Guy Gerber or Ralph Sliwinski. Which of these collaborations were the most creative for you?

- I always like to work together with people. At the moment I am working on Monika Kruse's new album and also with Billy I just did some new tracks. All this stuff will be released in 2008.

- You are touring in clubs at the moment promoting "A Thousand Nights". What emotions do you find playing live in the front of dancing crowd?

- I really love to play since I was a DJ long before I started to produce music. This is where you get all the inspiration for your own music. I need to be in the clubs to hear new stuff and get the energy from the crowd.

- You played on big rave-parties like Mayday, Nature One or Street Parade. It is more excited experience than playing in regular clubs?

- It's very different to play clubs or big raves, but I like both. This year, Sonne Mond & Sterne and Nature One were fantastic, and I'm looking forward to Rave On Snow and Cocoon's New Years Eve in Rotterdam.

- Do you have your favorite club - Cocoon, Fuse or Fabric to mention the most famous where you played?

- My favorite clubs would be Fabric in London and of course Cocoon Frankfurt. A good club lives from a good sound system and these both are just fantastic.

Author: Pawel Gzyl
Foto: Great Stuff



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+ Dedicated to the dancefloor - wywiad z Gregorem Tresherem