Amidst the Noise and Twigs

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What is it? Could it be a form of psychological torture or is it a fun filled ride through the memory banks of your distant future? Are you ready to take the plunge or will you back out at the last possible minute to admit defeat? Will you take on the challenge of facing the noise and stumbling melodies mid-way through or can you stand like the Cyclops that you are and say, "Fuck it all - I want justice with my morning coffee right away or I'll piss in your juice!" Do you think taking a strong anti-depressant will make the nightmares go away or are you just deluding yourself? Why the hell do you lie to your doctor when he's down on his knees begging you to take a substance that you ultimately know will fuck up you mental health and keep you hooked for long stretches of time? Is there any reason why you stopped shaving your face or are you too bloody lazy to get your ass into the bathroom to lift the razor up? Do you get turned on by watching the weather channel daily and praying to the meteorological gods or do you simply pretend to know what the weather will be for the next two weeks? Does the sound of scraping nails on the chalkboard disturb you or do you cream your jeans? Do you suppose Lucy and her Sky full of precious stones was a good analogy for your messed up life or do you prefer your LSD in smaller doses? Does the sound of keyboards, whacked-out organs, sparse percussion and space objects raise your blood pressure or do you think that "Amidst the Noise and Twigs" you will find your final resting place?

Tom Sekowski

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