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Od Serca do Duszy

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Going from strength to strength, and passing through numerous incarnations, Faust continue their journey of aural domination.
Recorded with Nurse with Wound, "Disconnected" holds an interesting premise. Whether it was recorded solely by Faust with the help of Nurse With Wound, or whether NWW simply enhanced its aural premise, one thing is certain - the album is as far-out as cheese is from vodka. While the Faust contingent [drummer Zappi W. Diermaier, guitarist Jean-Herve Peron and guitarist/keyboardist Amaury Cambuzat] are a solid force, it's NWW [Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter] and their hellishly twisted barrage that make this record what it truly is. The tangent of a female's voice repeated ad infinite "Hello?" with a percussive drill on "Lass Mich" sets the pace for the record. But it's ultimately NWW's trance-inducing, creepy and seductive processing on the next three tracks that breaks all doors wide open. The title track features a light guitar feeding back, which is augment with the phrase "disconnected" floating in and out, while "Tu M'entends?" picks up pace and features a lightly caressing drum beat. Over their span, either of these tracks could've been found on a Mirror record and each one is as oblique as it is mesmerizing in its haunting styling. Final piece of the record "It Will Take Time" continues on with a highly drone-inducing wave pattern that is pierced with occasional guitar pokes. Two bonus tracks on this limited edition release break the concept and mess it up altogether. Sure, "Silence" works fine, with its 60 seconds of utter stillness and deafening nothing [tribute to Cage perhaps?], but the 10 minute Faust live track "Hard Rain" is too harsh and drilling to have been included on this album. Better idea would've been for the band to place this on a separate CD, thus making a clear demarcation of the work. Fine album nonetheless, one which is getting heavy play in my CD player in the loneliest hours of the night.
Recorded during Faust's first concert in Poland in 2006, the 2 CD set "Od Serca do Duszy" [translated as "From Heart to Soul"], further propagates the live power of the trio. Set is filled with ruthless numbers from beginning to end. Right off the bat, "Sex" starts the set off with a delightful grin. Can you imagine the band singing in Polish? But here they are, singing the title of the album and the effect isn't all too shabby. Propelled by Diermaier's anthem-like drum work, the band gets heavy in the guitar department along with keyboards. The mesh is finally realized as the pack picks up and the core heats up to 200 degrees. "The Asshole (aka: A Bit of Pain)" gets a scorching rendition, while the classic "Fast Head (aka: The Sad Skinhead)" gets a sped up work over. The second disc gets somewhat more serious on the improvisational aspect as the band breaks into two extended jams. Quickly enough, they settle on a steady beat, fuzzy guitar licks and plenty of delicious volume. While some of the world's best concerts were never recorded for posterity, it's important to confirm that this one was.

Tom Sekowski

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