Doom & Gloom - Early Songs of Angst and Disaster 1927-1945

In Prison: Afroamerican Prison Music from Blues to HipHop

Black & Proud - The Soul of the Black Panther Era - Vol. 1 & 2

Globalista:  Import-Export


  Germany's Trikont label has been putting out some of the best thought-out compilations of the past decade.  They've released collections dedicated to soul, boleros, folk, psychedelic music, world, klezmer.  In fact, there are very few areas that they're afraid to dive into.

"Doom & Gloom" heads into music that was inspired by disasters - man-made and natural.  Everything from drought, flood, train wrecks, tornados or zeppelin accidents gets a fair shake.  The cross-section on the album is quite spectacular.  Most of these artists come from blues and blue-grass tradition - early roots of country and American folk music.  Blind Willie Johnson starts off the proceedings with the very moving guitar eulogy "God Moves on the Water", which is followed by one of country's big superstars Roy Acuff & his Crazy Tennesseeans, and their tribute to car crashes "Wreck on the Highway".  In fact, everywhere you turn, there are train-wrecks, floods, fires and ultimately deaths.  Take a reading of the titles and this alone is enough to give you a scare.  "That Crazy War".  "Back-Water Blues".  "The Great Ship Went Down".  "When the Levee Breaks".  "Sinking of the Titanic".  "That Crazy War".  All twenty four tracks are programmed in such a way as to make you think that the late 20's to mid 40's were overflowing with dire events.  The artists are the cream of the crop of the popular crowd - from The Carter Family, Charlie Poole to Bessie Smith and Joe Williams.  Wonderful record, one that seeps right into your veins as time goes by.

According to Alan Elsner, "If a nation was defined by what it produced, the United States had become a prison nation".  About half of the prison population in the US is made up of African-Americans.  With such a huge disproportion, "In Prison" addresses the music that is made about incarceration and ultimately deals with the state of people when they are thrown behind bars. The mix is somewhat wider than on the previous compilation as artists from all fields of music are included - from soul, blues, rap to hip-hop.  Some of the highlights include Bobby Womack doing a gut-wrenching take on "Arkansas State Prison", Nina Simone busting out the blues with her powerhouse voice on "Work Song" and 2 Pac with his no-holds barred "16 on Death Row".  The Temptations work their magic with "Run Charlie Run", while Dead Prez rhymes away on "Behind Enemy Lines".  With each track, one gets an impression there is a ton of freedom and hope being shared with those on the inside.  Without a hint of a doubt, this is one very solid album indeed.

No matter how obvious this sounds, everyone knows the 50s onwards was a time of major civil rights movements across the US.  Segregation was battled. Equality and fair treatment were human dignities that were fought for.  Two volumes of "Black & Proud" encapsulate that era perfectly.  Across two discs, the music generates a lot of socio-political heat and scurries up feelings shared by all African-American population at the time [and many in the present].  "Black & Proud" has a simple mandate - to give voice to the oppressed, to let their voices be heard loud and proud.  Many of these artists were flatly banned from the air-waves due to the political views expressed in their songs.  Let's be fair, how many times have you heard Gil Scott-Heron [who is represented here on three tracks] on public, commercial-radio air-waves?  Barely anyone out there has the gull to play his music due to political outrage and blatant honesty in his songs.  Same goes for Derrick Harriott, who sings the angry "Message from a Black Man" and Last Poets who prophesize on "Black Wish".   Curtis Mayfield sings the very appropriate "Ghetto Child", while Chuck D guests stars as his usual pissed-off self along Last Poets on "Down to Now".  Even The Main Ingredient strikes the mark with their uplifting "Black Seeds" as do Staple Singers on their revolutionary "Respect Yourself".  When you're down and out, you need a spiritual and humane lift.  "Black & Proud" does just that.

Born out of a German multi-cultural radio station, WDR Funkhaus Europa, "Globalista: Import-Export" was meant to serve as a showcase of the station's wealth of programming.  Breaking all physical boundaries, the compilations travels between Russia, Poland, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Algeria, India, Turkey, Mali, Jamaica, China, Lebanon, Mexico and a few other countries to make around-the-world journey an exciting one in terms of musical abundance of materials.  There's head-bopping, hip-shaking Rai music courtesy of Sahraoui, which is then followed by bhangra from Panjabi MC.  One of the personal stand-outs is Trebunie Tutki & Kinior Future Sound, which melts traditional Polish mountain music with techno, with highly successful effect.  Another success story is Senegalese singer Mohammed, who contributes a tasty reggae treat.  As some old saying goes, "Have patience, for the deeper you dig, the more treasures you're bound to find".  

- Tom Sekowski

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