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  EM Records has ventured into some far off territories in the past.  From new music, through experimental, pop, funk, dub and jazz.  Now, they've decided to take on surf music.  In what they're calling Under Water Series, they're presenting five albums from bands that have through the 70's been associated with music of the beach.
Originating from Sydney, Tully was a natural choice to be featured as composers for Paul Witzig film "Sea of Joy".  Their music is less oriented with surf than it is with actual psychedelic scene which was still quite strong at the beginning of the 70's.  For the most part, this is instrumental music.  Though the title track [in its two variations] has a swinging surf beat, as you move deeper into the album, you start to discover a deeper, more somber facet of the band.  On "Follow Me", Colin Campbell and Ken Firth lay down some pensive electric guitar lines, while Michael Carlos supports the troupe with an ominous bass.  Syndrome sees Campbell play the veena, while Firth trades in his guitar for a tampoura and Carlos picks up the sitar.  Lockwood plays some solid melodies on the violin and all members of the band are credited with light percussion.  When vocals come in, as they do on "Brother Sun", the quintet is transposed into a mesmerizing blend of experimental concoctions courtesy of Shayna Stewart's breezy vocals. 
Californian ensemble Farm date back to late 60's.  In 1970, they were asked to do a soundtrack to George Greenough's surf flick "The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun".  The music they made is literally pure fun.  Quite heavy on organ and piano [masterfully played by Doug Dragon] and breezy guitars of Denny Aaberg and Ernie Knapp, the band knew just the right groove to hit that would correlate with on-screen images.  The album is interspersed with minimal vocals - chants and the like - and the winner is revealed at the very end in the form of the 13-minute "Coming of the Dawn".  This is where the band takes no prisoners with their powerhouse rock-fusion jam.  You can almost smell the breeze of the salty sea coming from the waves. Back to Australia for the soundtrack to the movie "Band on the Run", we find The Tim Gaze Band.  With the retro-sound blowing through this release, it's hard to phantom the fact this music was made for a 1982 movie.  The soundtrack was never officially released, but the tracks presented here [recorded a couple of years prior to movie release] were pulled from promotional copies that were sent to press in advance.  Considering this was supposed to be a surf film, the mood is rather melancholic and end-of-summer.  Tim Gaze's guitar licks are fairly straight-forward, though they do surrender to the feel of the moment.  "Bermuda" features some great organ playing courtesy of Peter Bolton.  Vocals are sharply defined, though at times as on "Beautiful Lady", they get covered up in a haze of effects. [They're mixed too far in the background or maybe done purely to achieve the best possible effect.]  It's a shame that the film is probably impossible to find anywhere as the music kicks some surfing ass.
Cult Australian surf film from 1974 "Drouyn" was produced by Bob Evans.  Sydney songwriter Peter Martin was commissioned to work on the soundtrack and what he came up with was a smooth-motion concoction of hard-rock, surf-music and instrumental psychedelia.  Hell, even the Australian group Finch is featured on three, hard-hitting, head-gushing tunes.  "Roses" features a gnarly, surfing theme, while "Lady of Truth" looks forward to the heavy-metal being made in the UK at the time.  While Martin's instrumentals aren't bad, too many of them just linger lifelessly without the visuals.  As if to make up for that short-coming, at least we've got Finch who storm out of an ambient background presented elsewhere.
In many aspects, Tamam Shud's soundtrack to "Evolution" seems to be the most pleasing to these ears.  Dating back to 1969, "Evolution", which was produced by Paul Witzig contains some of the more hard-hitting numbers of this whole series.  Lindsay Bjerre has a set of very powerful vocal chords, while guitarist Zac Zytnik even tends to sound like Sonny Sharrock on a few of the pieces.  All scorching, blues-inspired guitar that tends to wrap the other members in an aura of other-world goodness.  Really powerful stuff, considering this was music made for a surf flick.  As a bonus, we're also treated to the three track "Bali Waters" EP, which may sound a bit on the more relaxed side, though still manages to kick up a storm.  Excellent series, which only raises the question why nobody else ever took a dig at issuing this priceless material?  

- Tom Sekowski

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