Lee Everton
Inner Exile

[Rootdown Records, www.rootdown-records.com]

   If there's anything that reminds me of the vibes that I witnessed in Cuba, it's Lee Everton's reggae styling. This Swiss-based vocalist/guitarist's debut "Inner Exile" is full of rich vibes, deep grooves and tenderly sung vocals. I suppose what I got hooked on first is his gorgeous set of pipes. As far as I was concerned, this guy could've been a native of Jamaica [where he spent a year of his life, studying at the Jamaican School of Music]. Very tender, sweet and barring a large dose of honesty, everything comes through in his radically human lyrics - love, resistance, human dignity are his favourite subjects. The Slingstyle riddim' that Everton builds up on the songs amass to a quasi-reggae approach. Tons of melodies and frolicking guitars ensure the feeling is one of sunshine and an overall positive vibe. Get this now and be the first on your block to preach the gospel according to Everton.

  - Tom Sekowski

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