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Teaism - Music Inspired by The Art and Culture of Tea

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Kalk Seeds - Karaoke Kalk Compilation No. 2

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Sesame Street Playground


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Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold - Dinner Music for Clubbers


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Polish Village Music 1927-1933


FabricLive 42 - FreQ Nasty

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Shapes 08:02

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A compilation is a compilation, oftentimes having little to offer in terms of new material. These four are tops in that department in proposing a rich array of unreleased or hard-to-find materials.

"Teaism" is a celebration of the custom of drinking tea - alone, together with your mate. Putting sugar into a cup of steaming tea is a most satisfying custom that millions have grown up with. Assembled by Stefan Panczak [Inch-Time], the collection includes music that is serene, lazy but mostly brewing with warmth. Max de Wardener's soothing "Kettle Songs" starts off the proceedings, which then continues onto Carlos y Gaby and "The Tea, Makes Love to Me". Pimmon's non-descript doodling on "Silver Needle" is very pleasing indeed, while root70's be-bopping "Immaculate Conception" is sure to strike all the right chords with traditional jazz crowd. Xela, Tunng and Serafina Steer also throw in some fine pieces. So sit yourself down, take a break and sip away for an hour with some reassuring tea music.

To highlight the variety of music the Berlin label has been enjoying for the last few years, Karaoke Kalk has issued "Kalk Seeds". Sifting through the seventeen numbers, we find a soothing folk-inspired "Freiboot" by Hausmeister, Omo's hilarious poppy "Oversized", along with Donna Regina's hand-clapping "Vague". Many of these numbers fall into the subtle, pop-folk-laptop category as is the case with Leichtmetall, The 23s and a haunting piece from Hauschka. Julee Cruise is featured on vocals on Plumaron's "Turn In" and the whole lot closes with the fun bleeps'n'beats of Le Rok. When you water the seeds and nurture them with love, these will eventually blossom into colourful plants.

No doubt, Sesame Street has been a huge hit worldwide. Kids all over the world have come to love characters like Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster. "Sesame Street Playground" takes that overwhelming love for the show we all grew up with and gives us tid-bits from various editions worldwide. "Sesame Street Theme" included on the disc is from Netherlands, while we get a Chinese rendition of "Rubber Duckie" [which is surprisingly not too far off from its original]. What is different is Indian rendition of the show opener [here called "Galli Galli Sim Sim"], as well something from Russia that goes by the name of "The Song of Caretakers". There's also a lovely rendition of "One Small Voice" from Brazil, along with an uplifting number from Tanzania called "Don't Be Sad Song". Included are also 5 music videos from various parts of the world. Perfect album to play in the car on an outing?for kids and adults alike.

At first the title seems deceiving. What the hell is "Dinner Music for Clubbers" and why is Peter Grummich allowed to ransack the Staubgold catalogue? Why isn't this CD full of dance-crazed club music? Why are we thrown tid-bits of Staubgold's rich catalogue with an ambient twist with the club label? The imprint justifies this as music to listen to before and after a club gig - something to sink your teeth into while pondering the finer points of life, something which should inspire you to dance your ass off while on the dance floor. Everybody from Rafael Toral, Alejandro Franov, No-Neck Blues Band and Embryo, Sun to FS Blumm is given the chill-out treatment. Warm layers of spacey editing, oozing goo and light beats permeate this mix. One of the real highlights is Grummich's "Sunbeams", which was previously only available in the form of a Kompakt 12". Music that emanates with the warmth of golden rays of the sun.

Turning their attention to Polish-American community of Chicago and NYC, Arhoolie presents "Polish Village Music 1927-1933". Comprising full 80 minutes of music, the twenty-five snippets provide a mere snapshot of what was happening musically within the Polish community within the span between 1927 and 1933. Polkas, obereks and variety of dance bands are the order of the day on this compilation. Karol Stoch's Oryginalna Muzyka Goralska "Ostatki na Podhalu" brings to note Polish highland music, while Frank P. Kawa's "Pijal Ojciec, Pije Ja" is a lively oberek done up in a jovial way. Tons of wild accordion playing, lively string sections, and vocals that tell of hope, love and despair of harsh realities in a foreign land, this CD strikes all the right notes.

Breakbeat obsessed FreQ Nasty recently got an invite to do a FabricLive gig, which resulted in the 42nd installment of the series put out by Fabric London club/imprint. The standard, multiplex beats go on and on with Cadence Weapon's "House Music", while KRS One is re-mixed on the hyper-fast "Sound of the Police". Some of the highlights in the ultra-fast mix include Madox, L-Vis 1990, Baobinga and TRG. One of my personal faves is Lee "Scratch" Perry vs. The Moody Boys and the semi-light "God Smiled" remix. Perhaps not the most killer mix that I've heard all year, but definitely qualifies as the most frenzied in the bunch.

Compiled by Robert Luis, "Shapes 08:02" is the latest in Tru Thoughts' long line-up of mixed CDs. First time they have spread across a span of two CDs, this compilation is comprised of two sections. First off is a disc of fifteen highlights from recent releases. Lizzy Parks sparkles in still motion on her stunning ballad "Prayer", while Saravah Soul funks it up on "Oil is Thicker than Blood". Soft hip-hop is explored on Belleruche's "You're Listening to the Worlds" and Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno present some soft-dub and salsa action on "Dub Del Pacifico". Second disc is geared purely towards the club crowd. Hot disco beats of Hot 8 Brass Band's "Get Up" mingle with Quantic's soft-grooves on "Disco Caribe" and Baraka's nicely flowing Latin rhythms on "Kes". Well over an hour of fine beats and tight rhythms are represented. Hurrah for Tru Thoughts that keep the nice, fresh sounds coming!

- Tom Sekowski

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