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S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM
Probe CD
vivo2004 010CD

Phase 1 Containment State
Phase 2 Polarisation State

Phase 3 Transition State
Phase 4 Primary Impulses

Phase 5 Neural Separation
Phase 6 Assimilation State



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Kolejne soniczne eksploracje S.E.T.I. (Andrew Lagowski, Legion, Terror Against Terror, Lustmord, Isolrubin BK, nagrania dla Touch i Ash) z udzialemBarry Nicholsa (Si_COMM, ECM323).
Porazajace brzmieniowo dzielo podszyte przeslaniem o skutkach modyfikacji genomu i ewolucji gatunku ludzkiego...Spiew post-humanoidów. Ambitny ambient XXI wieku
Confronted with its imminent obsolescence - mankind is being forced to evolve - we now have to consider re-examining and reconfiguring our very structure. The inevitability of mankind relocating, and recolonising elsewhere in deep space means that humans will have to consistently perform in an increasingly sophisticated technological realm in order to ensure survival.

We are already intimidated by the speed, power, and complexity of our technological counterparts - our inability to process the quality, quantity, and complexity of information required for impending transition, suggests a dramatic need for change. The time has come for the body to break free from its ephemeral genetic heritage, and become host to technological enhancement, and extrusion. Hybridised -The Self must now be diffused and re- located beyond its own local biology and extended into data space.


ANY truly posthuman body is a framework that can be extruded and enhanced in an electronic space of distributed intelligence - emotions are temporarily displaced, or dispensed with. Remotely transmitting to, and actuating peripheral technological devices - we are to become alien- augmented beings, operating in a space where flesh becomes information, language becomes signal - and the mind perceives beyond its own subjective space and scale. We are about to become hybrids - merging with technology, interfacing with data space, and transcending physiology, extending and enhancing the body's operational parameters; catapulting our species into a new evolutionary trajectory


The notion of a POSTHUMAN being is the corollary of the interpretation of the Alien. In its widest sense, it signifies not only the Other, the monstrous, the hybrid, the cyborg, or even the clone and the transgenic, but that which does not naturally evolve from its roots, or, indeed, that whose roots can no longer clearly be traced, or have become irrelevant, unknown, outmoded, or follow from principles outside previous understanding. It can be argued that the current popular fascination with stereotypical 'aliens' is an attempt to give expression to the pervasiveness of a putative, yet inevitable Posthuman Condition; a condition that, far from being a sci-fi fantasists' dream of transcendence, will eventually have profound effects on the lives of billions of people as we are forced to leave the confines of the Earth, and in seeking out new destinations on other worlds, prepare for the demands wrought by prolonged deep space travel.

Heidegger saw technology as a mode of "revealing", whereas Ortega y Gasett defines it as a
Medium for "releasing". The assimilation of technology into the human landscape contours behaviour and the human condition. Deep space travellers will persistently inhabit increasingly complex and hostile alien environments populated by subtle performance indicators - visual and acoustical cues that alert, activate, condition, and control physiological, and neural performance. Our natural circadian rhythms will be artificially augmented by electronic signals and pulses. These electronically induced signals will modulate bodily functions in the same way that music does - acting as a kind of whole-body pacemaker. One that simultaneously permits the physiological control of movement and thought.

Posthumans will be regulated, primed and activated in sync with high- speed visual and acoustic pulses. The ultimate POSTHUMAN body will be the product of design -a host for advanced technology, an entity wholly different from anything we now know or define as human

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