Merzbow - Hodosan
The 5th album by noise genius Masami Akita on VIVO RECORDS.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno
Hotter Than Inferno / Live in Sapporo CD 2008

Recorded live at Counter Action, Sapporo, Japan, 29 June 2008

Merzbow - Arijigoku CD
Merzbow's fourth full lenght CD album for the VIVO RECORDS label

Satanicpornocultshop - Takusan No Ohanasan CD
Satanicpornocultshop will leave you breathless with the highly curious but gorgeous great take on popmusic.

Sekkutsu Jean + Kawabata Makoto CD 
YOSHIDA TATSUYA  (drums,vocal) , SATO KENJI (bass,vocal), KAWABATA MAKOTO (guitar)

Zdzisław Piernik / Piotr Zabrodzki - Namanga CD
Unusual Polish Contemporary Music  performed by tuba genius Zdzislaw Piernik!

Merzbow - Higanbana CD
"This is an intense, largely unrelenting assault on the ears, and that's probably exactly what you expected to hear from Akita."

Tsurubami - Tenrin CD
Acid Mothers Temple side project. Makoto Kawabata (guitars), Nobuko Emi (drums), Hiroshi Higashi (bass)

KK NULL - BaryoGenesis CD
Another fine, truly distinctive and highly image invoking sonic trip from this Japanese master of mind sound tracking.

Damo Suzuki - The Fire of Heaven at the End of Universe / CD
Damo Suzuki (voice),  Hoppy Kamiyama (keyboards),Yuji Katsui (violin), Kenji Sato (bass), Tatsuya Yoshida (drums).

Merzbow - Coma Berenices / CD
"Merzbow is a king in the industrial scene and on "Coma Berenices" he shows us once again how it's supposed to be: painful, nerve wrecking and extremely powerful."

Pharaoh Overlord - Live in Suomi Finland / CD
"Sheer hypnosis. Utterly mesmeric. Sounds sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood."

Piotr Zabrodzki & Tatsuya Yoshida - Karakany / CD
"Karakany is a wonderful chaotic and manic take on jazz that most of the time just goes full pelt with it's mix of piano, bass, drums and voice- all seemly coming in at odd and different angles."

Volcano The Bear - Egg and Two Books  / CD
"Recorded in their home town, it is a classic example of their jazzy, fusion sound as it sounds today. "
"As always, brilliant!"

Satanicpornocultshop - .aiff Skull EP  / CD
"A very nice collection of very uplifting music that leaves the listener behind with a big smile on his face", "Lively, fun and choppy collection of tracks", "Essentially, they're awesome, and once you dive in, you'll love them forever".

The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan's Electric Chair - Mirrors / CD
"one of the best releases to date from a duo that always seemed pretty great", "this is a dense and majestic album that is both soothing and unsettling as it throws force-fields of sound around the room."

Musica Transonic - XYOSFBIGKOU / CD
"Acidmothers noise, jazz-tinged improv and plain old Psychedelic chaos", "Mad but brilliant".

Merzbow - Bloody Sea / CD
"Merzbow is of course the archetypal super-productive noise generator, and Bloody Sea ties his ferocious torrent of abused, imploding and exploding electronics to a topical protest - the imminent relaunch of the Japanese whaling fleet. " Protest - noise music. [SOLD OUT]

The Wire magazine/ Rewind 2006 / Avant Rock nomination

Acid Mothers Gong - Live in NAGOYA / CD
"...check out what a combination of these two bands on the same stage can offer, it comes highly recommended."

Seikazoku - Live in Japan / CD
A wonderful mixture of progressive psychedelic rock, improvised structures of jazz and extraordinary world music inspirations!

KAWABATA MAKOTO Kawabata Makoto - Your Voice From the Moon / CD
3 tracks full of modulated analogue synthesizer sound.  
Spacious and hypnotic improvisations.

SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP Satanicpornocultshop - Orochi under the Straight Edge Leaves / CD [SOLD OUT]
unclassifiable mixture of squelchy electronics, pop songs, digital noise, easy-listening homage, hip-hop collage, and assorted sonic clutter bent and stretched into surreal contortions

JARBOE / NIC LE BAN Jarboe / Nic Le Ban - Knight of Swords / The Beggar / 2CD
These performances  were transmitted and captured unto recordings in  the sultry  deep Southern night. Featured are extraordinary guitarist Nic Le  Ban and keyboard compositions, sounds, and voices performed  and recorded  by Jarboe. ||||||SOLD OUT

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Demons From Nipples / CD
" This release presents 2 extended jams that are as frantic and loud as any hardcore or metal you can imagine.

MAGIC CARPATHIANSThe Magic Carpathians Project [Karpaty Magiczne]-Sonic Suicide / CD
...this album an early spot on my
year-end best list.

AMIR BAGHIRI - GHAZAL Amir Baghiri - Ghazal / CD
A sterling piece of work from Germany based Iranian Amir Baghiri, a proliftic Ambient composer.

AURAL PLANET - REWORKED Aural Planet - Reworked / CD
What does stand out is the quality of the sounds and of the programming, definitely above average and easily comparable to the great minds of the genres. Awesome.

SCORN Scorn - List of Takers / CD
Mick Harris, the man behind Scorn, definitely shows what he is capable of with this collection of sickening bass-lines and precision beats.

S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM - Probe / CD
Superb work and a joy for those interested in a more scientific approach to sound construction.

MuslimgauzeMuslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel / CD [SOLD OUT]

ZENIAL - REWORKEDZenial - Reworked CD [with KK Null, Vidna Obmana, Amir Baghiri, Andrew Lagowski, Zbigniew Karkowski and others]

AMIR BAGHIRIAmir Baghiri - Yalda CD [SOLD OUT]
 a fabulous album from amir baghiri displaying a captivating virtuosity on a
wide range of african, middle eastern and asian percussion instruments.

psychedelically ambient, coldly computerized, ethnical experimentronic

BLACK FACTION - REWORKEDBlack Faction - Reworked CD [with Hrvatski, Sutekh, Rapoon a.o.]

AURAL PLANET - 5EX ENGINEAural Planet - 5EX Engine CD

NEMEZIS - WHISPERS FROM...Nemezis - Whispers From Behind The Window CD

DIFFERENT STATE - AZUREDifferent State - Azure CD

QUARTERQuarter - Quarter CD

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